MATCHES 1 11 8%
GAMES 6 23 21%


Best known for his Chun-Li play, Brownsville, Texas local BrolyLegs is a well-known content creator and tournament player whose fighting game history goes back to Street Fighter 4, where he placed 7th at Texas Showdown in 2012 and 5th at Absolute Battle in 2015. BrolyLegs suffers from arthrogryposis, a genetic condition that affects his arms and legs and has left him in a wheelchair, but has found innovative ways to pursue his passion of competitive gaming, coining a technique of executing complicated fighting game combos on an Xbox 360 controller using his tongue and face. Recently, BrolyLegs has moved into a mentorship role in the community, working as an official CrossCounter Training Instructor for Street Fighter V and publishing an autobiography called “My Life Beyond the Floor” about his experiences as a disabled person. Though he took a break from competing, he’s been re-entering the tournament scene of-late and placed 17th at Texas Showdown in 2016 as well as 13th at DreamHack Austin in 2018.