JBTEAM Inferno

MATCHES 12 5 71%
GAMES 26 14 65%


JB is a New York transplant, now living in Ontario, CA, and has found success at both East and West Coast weeklies Next Level Battle Circuit and Wednesday Night Fights. JB is best known for his dominant Rashid play and publicly joked about the Street Fighter League character ban, “I only play one character, we losing if they ban Rashid!” JB was ranked #16 in North American Capcom Pro Tour standings in 2018, and is currently ranked #10 in Global Capcom Pro Tour standings in 2019. JB placed 9th at Final Round 2019 after losing to Brian F and being eliminated by Punk. JB has also placed 2nd at Thunderstruck 2018, 3rd at SoCal Regionals 2017, 9th at Summer Jam 2018, 9th at Northwest Majors 2017, 9th at Defend the North 2017, 9th at Kumite in Tennessee in 2017, and 9th at Northeast Championships 2016.