MATCHES 20 2 91%
GAMES 40 14 74%


Punk is one of the best Street Fighter players in North America, ranked #3 in North American Capcom Pro Tour standings in 2018 and currently ranked #1 in Global Capcom Pro Tour standings in 2019. Punk plays several characters well, but is best known as a Karin main. Punk can regularly be found in the Top 8 of major tournaments, but went on his best run in 2017 and 2018, placing 1st at Eleague 2017, 2nd at Evo 2017, 4th at Evo Japan 2018, 2nd at CEO 2017, 1st at DreamHack Austin 2017, 5th at DreamHack Austin 2018, 9th at Capcom Cup Finals 2017, 13th at Capcom Cup Finals 2018, and 1st at Red Bull Conquest 2018 (after beating Nephew in the Grand Finals). Punk is known for his aggressive playstyle and relentless trash talk, doing what he can to get inside opponents heads both in game and out.